Tuesday, 18 May 2021


Oil finish hardwood floors has obtained the United States marketplace by storm in 2016 and shows no signs of slowing down in 2021 and beyond. Here are some of the most common questions we've regarding oil finished trends:

  • Is petroleum complete as durable as conventional factory urethane ends with aluminum oxide?
  • Will this end evaporate over time and will this be harmful to indoor air quality?
  • Can this type of complete need extra upkeep which I am not knowledgeable about?
If it comes to durability, oil complete flooring tackles the matter with a very different method. The penetrating oil functions as protection against moisture and conveys while enabling the consumer to feel that the wood grains in their bare toes. In comparison directly to mill finished aluminum oxide end, the petroleum finish flooring won't function as well to abrasion and impact. On the other hand, the best thing about the finish is the simple fact that it'll disguise any scratches that will inevitably collect over time.

"We've got petroleum jelly Brazilian cherry in our family room - two children (boys 8 & 10) plus also a 75-pound dog. Our key draw to these is they conceal scratches better. There's not any disturbance from the sheen as with poly in which the scratches stand out since they're dull and appear to be magnified by the glow of the ground." --Fall.4 Home Owner

Another concern for oil finished floors its impact on indoor air quality. For on-site applications, some varieties suggest several coats that typically require the occupants to be from the home because of mild scents. However, there is factory finished UV-cured or single jacket software which lessen the downtime. Regardless of the odors generated during the drying procedure, oil finish flooring rank amongst the cheapest for VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions. Certain brands even boast authentic zero VOC. This fact alone makes oil finished floors among the greatest choices for green building solutions.

"WOCA products are certified by independent laboratories, the German Institute for Biological Building Materials, and are in accordance with DIN--Norm 53--160. WOCA WoodCare Denmark products meet or surpass the most stringent U.S. standards for volatile organic compounds" --WOCA Oil Finish Manufacture

"As hardwood flooring age, high traffic areas tend to wear more than non-high traffic places. DuChateau® Maintenance Oil may be applied to the large traffic areas only without having to re-coat the entire floor. However, the entire floor should be maintained yearly. Normal application of this Maintenance Oil will provide longer-lasting protection and help keep your floors looking beautiful for several years to come." DuChateau Hardwax Oil Floor Manufacture

Hopefully, this guide is able to offer some insight regarding the durability, sustainability, and upkeep of petroleum finished hardwood flooring. With a growing amount of oil finished floors being used in new houses and industrial applications, perhaps you will consider this for your next flooring project. Check out some additional photos of oil finished flooring accepted by Floor Sanding Wimbledon .

Monday, 22 March 2021

Wood Flooring and Children

If you are the proud parents of babies or young children and are considering the installation of hardwood floors, no doubt you'll have questions of safety and appropriateness spinning around your mind. There is not much doubt that the hygienic advantages of a wooden floor are much greater than carpeted flooring, yet the softness of carpet can appear very attractive.

There's no getting away from the fact that because wood is a natural solution, solid wood flooring has a propensity to expand and contract with changes in ecological conditions and people expansions and contractions can result in gaps in the floor. If you believe differences between the floorboards might pose a danger for your child, it's well worth considering engineered wood flooring.

Solid wood flooring, as the name implies is constructed using planks made from 1 piece of timber, whereas engineered wood flooring consists of layers of various kinds of timber which are topped with a wood layer to generate the end result look like solid wood. As a result of its make up, engineered wood flooring is much less susceptible to expansion and contraction than solid timber and as such doesn't pose the exact same risk of gaps for small fingers and toes or toys to get trapped.

From its nature, timber flooring is a harder choice than carpet that means parents commonly worry about kids having a hard landing on a fall. 1 method of reducing the"hardness" of a hardwood flooring would be to install the floor using a'floating' method. A floating hardwood flooring is a flooring that's neither pinpointed nor glued to the sub-floor. In a floating installation, the only place glue may be used is involving the groove and tongue. In a domestic situation, a floating floor can be laid over a sub-floor or over an existing floor after placing an appropriate underlay. It's the introduction of this underlay that might help soften the impact of any drops (as well as acting as a sound barrier).

A few final things on the list for any parents of small children or babies contemplating the purchase and setup of a wooden floor is the finish and some other ecological risks. In terms hardwood floors finish, lacquers and hard wax oils offer a coating which will permit the floor to take the wear and tear thrown at it by even the roughest of children. Of course together with the closeness of little hands and small mouths to the ground, as parents you are going to want to ensure that your new flooring and its finish have reduced (and preferably no) volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) thus reducing the risk of hazardous emissions.

Friday, 22 May 2020

Engineered Wood Flooring For Your Bay Area Home

Why there is a Lot of hype online about Wimbledon Area engineered hardwood floors? What exactly do these floors have that hardwood floors lack? Here are 6 exciting benefits.

1. Increased moisture resistance

Standard solid hardwood flooring may get mildewed and warped when they're installed in damp locations, such as basements or semi outside patios. This comparative moisture resistance may lower your maintenance costs and limit the odds that you'll have to pay for expensive refinishing or expensive cleaning to remove mildew and mould.

2. Lower installation costs, but identical resale value

Based on the stuff, an engineered floor can be much cheaper to install and maintain than a solid wood floor. However, the resale value of your residence will be basically the same, if you put in engineered or solid wood.

3. Lifetime

Evidently, the lifespan of your floor depends sensitively on dozens of variables, including the tear and wear it receives; the humidity and temperature conditions; the upkeep or (lack thereof) you do; the quality of the setup; and so on. Depending on traffic, the normal floor may last two to three years. Some manufacturers can be easily sanded and sanded multiple times -- particularly if they are thick. The thickest flooring can last as many as eight decades!

4. New"Click-Loc" technologies creates a seamless, smooth look

Click-Loc technology uses a unique method of tongue and grooves to ensure tight connections and a seamless cosmetic.

5. Diverse choices

You can locate quality engineered floors made from nearly any species of wood.

6. Fantastic choice if you're performing a"Band-Aid" remodeling job

Rather than ripping out or gutting and refinishing an old hardwood or hardwood floor, apply an engineered floor on top to save time, money and frustration.

If you're interested in if engineered floors are Ideal for you, please get in touch with hardwood flooring experts at Floor Sanding Wimbledon For a free quote and astute guidance. Call now: 020 3151 1790 .

Tuesday, 2 October 2018


Stunning flooring doesn't have to break your bank. And, if you have hardwood floors installed in your house, why not revive the floor rather than replacing the wooden floor completely.

Junckers wooden floor systems

Junckers are producing wooden floors for more than a century and also have a huge amount of experience creating floors that don't just seem excellent, they are also long lasting and easy to fit. Junckers utilize a metal clip system which fixes the boards securely together. This means that they come with a warrantee that covers flaws if they're installed over a underfloor heating system -- the only good wood floor that comes with such a warrantee.

Junckers flooring systems come in a few different forms:

The original solid 2 strip plank system

The original solid broad plank system

The soul collection -- an Incredible array of colors and finishes

The engineered 3 strip method

The engineered 1 strip system

Junckers also have a wide range of cleaning and maintenance products available so you can maintain your hardwood flooring correctly and can treat them with the right solutions before the finish is applied.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018


Moving home can be exceedingly time-consuming and extremely stressful at times, so when the elimination van has been gone and all of the boxes are unpacked, you'll want to add the final finishing touches to make your new home feel relaxing and feel like a home.

Moving into a new house supplies you with the perfect opportunity to take a totally different approach to your decor, and if you've moved into a property that has carpeting installed, then you have the perfect opportunity to replace them with hardwood flooring.

Hardwood flooring is likely to make a fantastic addition to your new residence, and will also prove a very long lasting one because of the amazing durability of a few of the forests which are currently available.

Hardwood flooring comes in a superb number of colors, so you're free to create a dark, sultry look or a light and airy , and there are woods to match each room.

To attain a look that will settle you into your house and offer a magnificent addition to decoration several years later on, you should find a professional to install your floors for you.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Hardwood vs Softwood: What is the difference?

Simply place:

This species of tree like Apple and Maple Trees are scientifically known as deciduous and angiosperms.

Softwood: stalks from trees using needles.This species of tree such as, cedar, pine, and spruce are scientifically known as coniferous and gymnosperms.

Now that we've got the definitions out of the way let us clear up some of the confusion between the 2 forms of trees. The largest confusion between the two stems in their own names. Hardwood and Softwood. You'd expect, as any sane human being will, that any hardwood floors produced from hardwood to be obviously a tough wood and the exact same for many softwoods. However, this is not the necessarily the situation. There are softwoods which are more difficult than some hardwood species Southern Yellow Pine (Softwood) is more difficult than Silver Maple (Hardwood).

The reason for this scientific classification is the presence of pores in the wood. Softwood species have these kinds of linear tubes (not quite pores) that transfer water and make sap to keep the tree alive from the cold of winter. Hardwoods on the other hand have pores of all different shapes and dimensions that also allow for water to flow throughout the tree. The structure of these pores helps to shape the identifying grains of the hardwood species and also makes the tree slightly more fire resistant compared to the neighboring brothers.

If it comes to your floors hardwood will be the more durable species to choose but they are also on the more expensive side. That isn't to state that all softwood species of floors are poor. There are many excellent choices of softwood flooring that are just as attractive and durable as some hardwood species. To be able to make an informed decision simply visit the Hardwood Flooring Store and one of our associates can help you make a choice that's ideal for you.